NFLDash provides an intuitive, reactive dashboard to let you filter NFL plays by a wide variety of metrics in real-time. Pick an option from a pie chart menu and it will filter every chart by that option. Click and drag on a bar chart and select a range of values to filter by. Combine multiple filters to find interesting subsets of plays. You're limited only by your imagination, but here's a few ideas to get you started:

Once you've filtered down to plays you like, you can either inspect them in the table at the bottom of the dashboard (if you've filtered < 1000 plays) or by exporting the data to CSV for further analysis.

How it Works

NFLDash uses play-by-play data downloaded by the nfldb package, which covers all games from the 2009 season onward. While there are a few plays which have been misclassified, overall nfldb's accuracy is quite high. A Python script runs a custom query on the nfldb database, then outputs the results to a CSV file. Then, whenever someone loads the dashboard, several javascript libraries go to work, most notably:

There's also a small amount of custom javascript (and some monkeypatching) to handle some idiosyncrasies in displaying the data most effectively, while Bootstrap covers the styling.